Our Beliefs & Values

Normandale’s full statement of beliefs is “The Baptist Faith & Message 2000”, which you can find at this link. Below are some highlights:

We believe that the Bible is true, authoritative, and sufficient and is God’s Word to us.

This belief leads us to value biblical authority as a church and as individuals.

We believe that there is only one true and living God who is the Creator and Ruler of the universe and who has eternally existed as Three-in-One: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

This belief leads us to dynamic worship and passionate expressions of praise.

We believe that Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man, sinless yet a sacrifice for our sins on the cross, who then physically rose from the grave on the third day to defeat sin and death forever, and who is coming back one day to establish His Kingdom fully and finally here on a renewed earth.

This belief leads us to share this good news with every person everywhere.

We believe that the Holy Spirit is fully God and indwells every Christian from the moment of salvation to empower them, teach them, guide them, and gift them for service.

This belief leads us to dependently live on God’s control and power.

We believe that all people are created in the image of God, with tremendous potential for good but marred from birth and by choice by sin. We also believe that the only hope for lasting joy and peace for every person is the substitutionary life and death of Jesus.

This belief leads us to be graciously hospitable to all people.

We believe that eternal salvation is God’s free gift to anyone through the death and resurrection of Jesus, which is the only way to be saved from sin’s penalty—but we must accept it.

This belief leads us to live on mission, to “live sent.”

We believe that baptism is for those who have trusted Christ for salvation and it stands as a public marker of that person as a true follower of Jesus.

This belief leads us to immerse those who can profess belief in Christ (not infants). 

We believe that the church has Christ as its head (no person or group), is self-governing ultimately by its members as led by the Holy Spirit, and is independent from any outside control.

This belief leads us to value the priesthood of all believers. 

We believe that the Lord disciplines those He loves, starting in the heart of every believer but also including other people as necessary and possibly the church as sin is discovered and repentance is sought. The goal of God’s work and the church’s work every time in this process is restoration—both vertically and horizontally—so that each individual and the church as a whole reflects Jesus more clearly to the world.

This belief leads us to love and commit to one another deeply. 

We believe that the Kingdom of God is bigger than just Normandale and that with other gospel-centered churches we can do more together than we can separately.

This belief leads us to willingly associate with 40,000+ churches in our own denomination (Southern Baptist Convention) as well as many other non-SBC churches in our area for Kingdom purposes.

We believe that the family as God designed it is good and should be upheld. With much grace, we encourage sexual fidelity both in and out of marriage, which we believe to be one biological man and one biological woman together pursuing the glory of God through their union. We also believe that the home is God’s primary means of disciple-making, with the church as a supplement and a training ground.

This belief leads us to value ministry that trains and supports the family (singles, married, re-married, single parents, grandparents, etc.).