Our Pastors/Elders

Normandale Baptist Church is Christ-ruled, pastor/elder-led, deacon-served, and congregation-accountable. We use the term pastor and elder interchangeably, looking to God's Word for guidance on church leadership. Our pastors/elders are charged with shepherding and overseeing the flock's care, teaching, and stewardship. Under the headship of Christ these qualified men lead us toward Jesus.

  • Adam Covington
  • Cayce Culver
  • Brent Lightsey
  • Paul Wynne

Our Ministry Staff

Under the oversight and leadership of the elders, and accountable to the congregation, the paid ministry staff implements the purpose and strategy of Normandale by leading in certain specific areas of the church.

We are currently in a period of transition as we search for the man God has called to lead our church. For more information on this process click here.

  • Brent Lightsey

    Pastor of Youth & Missions


    Brent's goal is to communicate God’s unchanging truth, in a relevant way, to a world that is constantly changing. His goal for our youth ministry is for teenagers to understand what it means for them to give their life to Christ. Their purpose begins with a personal relationship with Christ and is fulfilled as they make His greatness known to others, which is his goal for the entire church as we pursue God's mission locally and globally. Brent is married to Nicole and they have two teen-aged daughters. Brent began his ministry with Normandale in 1996.


  • Jared Simpson

    Minister to Children & Families


    Jared's aim is to get kids excited about who God is and all He has done for us. He works hard to engage children's hearts with a gospel-centered ministry focused on deepening the child's understanding of their Savior. He is passionate about our children becoming part of the body of Christ--serving God in our church, city, nation and world! Jared is a former math teacher from Whitley Bay, England, who married Kaicee in September 2017. He has spent time off and on with our ministry over the last decade, but officially joined our team in 2017.

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  • Nick Garrett

    Worship Leader


    Nick enjoys being right in the middle of praise being lifted to God by the people of God. His heart and focus is to facilitate passionate praise for Jesus Christ, who paid the debt for our sin. Nick is a teacher at Southwest Christian School and is married to Elisa, and they have two daughters in elementary school and a three-year-old son. Nick served in a volunteer role before coming on staff part-time in 2013.


  • Shannon Murray

    Ministry/Finance Assistant


    Shannon manages our office and finances, and she assists with all of our church's ministries in various ways. She is a member of FBC Mansfield and is married to Monte, and they have two teenaged daughters. She joined our team in 2018.