Thank you for your support of Normandale Baptist Church. While you can give on Sundays or Wednesdays in-person, you can also give anytime or make payments towards camps/trips by pressing one of the buttons below. 

(Note: If you give with a credit/debit card, there is a small fee taken by our servicer. You will be given the option to cover this.

If you give with your bank account, the fee is significantly less.)

General Giving

We use giving to handle offerings towards the ministries of the church.
This can be for tithes or other donations (including towards camp or missions scholarships)
but for payments towards personal trips or camps see "Registrations" below.


We use registrations to handle any payments towards camps or mission trips. Please click the link
below to be directed to our registrations page. You may need to log in to your Planning Center account
in order to make payments against a trip that is "full" that you are already assigned to.