Our Vision

Since 1947, Normandale Baptist Church has been a spotlight in its community, full of individual light bulbs faithfully joining together to produce a powerfully bright light of transformation. In the fall of 2022, Normandale will turn 75 years old. So, to continue its legacy, in the next five years we envision brightening the hundreds of light sources God has already given us, who will in turn illuminate for thousands of others the journey God has designed for them. Not a shaded glimpse but a spotlight on His transforming pathway: a biblically-empowered, Spirit-inspired, and relationally-charged spiritual growth process. This process will focus on Jesus and His seven basic commands that help us RADIATE.

This transformation in us will radiate out to the thousands of homes in our area that are dim places with little to no God-light. Also, thousands of people groups around the world are completely dark. Therefore our empowerment process will not stop until thousands of people become agents of light, serving their circles with authentic love. As our transformation affects those around us, we see workplaces become places of peace. We see families restored and strengthened. We see neighborhoods turned upside down by the unexplainable kindness of our members. We see unreached people groups eternally transformed by the gospel through the risks our members take.  

In the next five years, then, we envision that as we share the light of Christ in our circles we will see 300 people become new sources of God’s light as they repent and believe the gospel. Along with that, we see the development of a prayerful process to prepare missionaries and church planting teams to be raised up from our church—in order to build power plants that replicate this process elsewhere. We also see a church overflowing with generous members, positioning us financially to enlighten the 100,000 people that live within 5 miles of our church and the 50,000 people moving here in the next decade. 

There’s nothing like switching on a light in a dark room or clicking on a flashlight in the woods. Watching the waves of light penetrate the darkness sparks peace for the moment plus excitement for what’s ahead. That’s what we see as we look at our world. Can you see it? What we do through Normandale in our lifetime will resonate throughout the world and into eternity. Let’s shine brightly.