New Here?

Let us share a little about ourselves.

Who We Are

We are committed to the Word of God.

The Bible was given by God for us and is the means by which the Spirit of God shapes us. Therefore, we hold fast to Scripture by preaching text-driven sermons, discussing it in Life Groups, and maintain regular reading of it through D Groups.

We mobilize for the sake of the gospel.

Here, everyone’s in ministry. Ministry isn’t just for a select few on staff, but is the calling of the whole church. Therefore, members are engaged in and lead out in all aspects of gospel ministry. Likewise, we live with a willingness to adjust our plans and preferences for greater gospel work. 

We are devoted as a family.

One result of Jesus’ finished work on the cross was that he sealed us together as a family, enabling us to truly love one another. And you can see that here in that we really like being with one another. As you come, you’ll see how many members remain after the Sunday service is over just to talk to one another. And we’d love for you to come join us.


What We Believe

We are committed to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

He died, was buried, and resurrected from the dead to secure our forgiveness and to restore us back to the Father.

Our Ministry Staff


Worship Pastor, Elder


Students & Missions Pastor, Elder


Lead Pastor, Elder


Ministry/Finance Assistant


Swahili Pastor & Elder


Children & Families Pastor, Elder

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