Normandale Ministry Residency

The Normandale Ministry Residency Program exists to train and expose young men and women to ministry within a local church. We aspire to give residents hands-on experience in connecting their faith in Jesus and their theological training to real ministry in our church. 

The ministry residency is a part-time program that begins each August and lasts for 12 months. The year will be spent engaging in active ministry, reading, thinking through ministry, and serving. Each month will have a ministry topic and the assignments for the month will focus on that topic. Our goal is to prepare our residents for future ministry as vocational pastors, ministers, ministry leaders, missionaries, or church planters.


In preparation for future ministry, we want this residency to be as helpful as possible. As such, we designed this residency to help you develop the tools and knowledge to maintain everyday ministry. You will be exposed to common ministry, administrative, and pastoral assignments that apply to almost every church. You will get a real feel for ministry, giving you confidence to potentially move forward into full-time ministry.

We will hold a monthly residency meeting on the last Sunday of every month. At this meeting, we will discuss the monthly reading, all assignments, and the related hands-on practice. Attendance at the monthly meeting is required. Residents should expect to spend 2-6 hours every week on the residency. They will not be required to set aside specific hours and may maintain their current vocations. Having flexibility to be at the church during regular business hours on occasion would be beneficial. There is no compensation for residents. However, we will supply all books and materials. 

Normandale is complementarian. This means that men and women are designed by God to fulfill different roles. In light of this, the role of pastor/elder are for men only, so any assignments related to that role will be for men only. 

See the Residency Guide for full details and curriculum, including how to apply.